Development-Life Skills

Development-Life Skills

We understand that everyone’s care needs are completely unique. Some people are happier receiving support in a shared accommodation with other community members, while others would rather be looked after in the comfort of their own home. With us, you can decide where you receive care — that way you can keep living independently wherever you feel most comfortable.

We will engage and work with you to understand your goals and build a plan to improve your daily living skills to build your confidence and independence. To assist you on managing these challenges, we offer a range of training and development activities, aimed at building your capacity to manage day‐to‐day life, through the development of your knowledge, skills and networks of support.

General Life Skills Development

We appreciate and understand the level of complexity faced by people with a disability when tackling everyday tasks and activities. In order to assist overcoming these difficulties we can provide training and development across a range of life skills,


Individual life and personal skills development

We understand the unique challenges faced by people with a disability in relation to personal and interpersonal skills.

Furthermore, we recognise the challenges faced by the parents, family members and carers to manage issues relating to social skills, sexuality, interpersonal relationships, regulation of emotions and personal safety. We provide services to assist you and your families or carers to overcome these issues as they arise. We will also implement strategies that will increase your potential to manage these issues into the future.

Numeracy, literacy and financial management skills development

By working to improve your numeracy and literacy, we can also improve your skills for communication

Our experienced staff will work with you to develop your skills and independence to manage your finances, which will include managing a bank account and creating a budget.